Use Power Automate to Change Creator, Created on, Last Modified on and Modified by in a SharePoint List Item or Document Item

This is courtesy of the following authors. They got it all there but I’m putting it here on my personal blog for future reference and quicker for me to copy. Read the comments in their post as they have pointed a lot of improvements to it. MVP John Liu: MVP Andrew Koltyakov – […]

Power Automate: Adding Image from a URL to Image Column using SharePoint HTTP Request Connector

Power Automate don’t support yet direct upload of image to a SharePoint Image list. This does not upload the image to your SharePoint list but ONLY LINKS IT. If the image from the URL is removed, it will be displayed as an error. HEADER PROPERTY VALUE content-type application/json; odata=verbose; accept application/json; odata=verbose; X-HTTP-Method MERGE IF-MATCH […]