Exam AZ-900

Today, I have less than 30 hours to review what I have learned about Azure Fundamentals over the last few weeks. Maybe I’ll update it later, maybe not.

The following are the resources I used to study for the AZ-900 exam. The exam costs USD$ 50 normally, but if you attend a Microsoft Virtual Training, you will receive a free voucher. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

Training was fantastic, and you can listen to it while at work if there isn’t a schedule that works for you. Another advantage is that you can sign up for another one if you believe you missed some important information and would like to ask the trainer directly.

I did contact our trainer, Ms Loraine, and she even added me on LinkedIn.



Examples of the following services often highlight in Azure:

Virtual MachinesApp ServicesOutlook
Storage Accounts SQL DatabasesM365, D365
NetworkCosmos DBSharePoint
ComputeSynapse AnalyticsCalendar

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