Implementing a Simple Pipeline Setup

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a method that is not very common for citizen developers. I wanted to introduced it in a simple manner in order for people to practice it.

ALM makes your deployment quicker and easier.

Warning: This demo is only to demonstrate a simple concept.

Advantages of Pipeline

  1. Stores automatically the data


  1. Dataverse Space – 5USD/Month
  2. Production-type environment
  3. Deployment Pipeline Configuration (DPC) app installed in Production type environment
  4. Environments
    • Default environment – will serve as Prod environment
    • Developer-type environment – if working with a team, use Sandbox Environment
    • Production-type environment – where you will install Power Apps Pipeline

Dataverse Space

Purchase at least one license for any of the Power Platform, Dynamics 365 or Project Online product. The cheapest one I can recommend for now is Power Apps per App which is 5 USD / Month. Once you purchase this, your tenant will receive a 5GB Dataverse Capacity Entitlement.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs

Before license purchase
After license purchase

Production Environment for Pipeline

To utilize Pipeline tool, you must create a separate environment for it to run.

  1. Headover to Power Platform admin center ( in order to create a new environement
  2. Create a new Production environment with the following settings

This is what we will be using for this demonstration

Ideal setup that you need to look at.

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