Power Apps: Gallery Data to SharePoint List

This is a very common question I encounter in Power Apps forum. I’ve also had this idea when I was just starting to learn Power Apps but didn’t really now how to do it. I just decided to make a demo about it after reading this topic in Power Apps Forum.

Here’s the demo.

SharePoint List Structure

And here are the codes:

For the App.OnStart

ClearCollect(colABC, {Title:"", Lot_Number:"", Nr_Packs: "", Actual_Weight: "", Sealed: {Value:""}});

For the Plus(+) Icon OnSelect

Collect(colABC, {Title:"", Lot_Number:"", Nr_Packs: "", Actual_Weight: "", Sealed: {Value:""}});

For the Trash Icon OnSelect


For the Add Button OnSelect

        Title: "ABC",
        Lot_Number: ThisRecord.Lot_Number,
        NrPacks: ThisRecord.Nr_Packs,
        'Actual Weight': ThisRecord.Actual_Weight,
        Sealed: ThisRecord.Sealed


For the OnChange in the Gallery item controls:

Lot: Patch(colABC,ThisItem,{Lot_Number: Self.Text})

NR: Patch(colABC,ThisItem,{Nr_Packs: Self.Text})

Weight: Patch(colABC,ThisItem,{Actual_Weight: Self.Text})

Sealed: Patch(colABC,ThisItem,{Sealed: {Value: Self.Selected.Value}})

For the Default code in the Gallery items controls:

Lot: ThisItem.Lot_Number

NR: ThisItem.Nr_Packs

Weight: ThisItem.Actual_Weight

Sealed: hisItem.Sealed.Value

Sealed’s Items:


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